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Web Hosting with Greengeeks Welcome

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Hello True Believers!
I’m taking the time to put you all up on a new eco friendly hosting service I’m using at the moment, Greengeeks! As you know I used to be a self host hermit on my old slow laptop and XAMPP running on and windows XP computer somehow still alive out of sheer spite I assume. I simply needed more speed and processing power pretty much and overall upgrade on everything and get online. I’ve have a few losses of data that made me really interested in daily backup hosting so I ran to google like a normal human being. There I seen an eco friendly badge that warmed my idealistic heart and jumped in headfirst and read the rest of the amazing perks I would become accustomed to later. This isn’t a full tutorial just an overview of what I’ve done and what you could achieve in your ventures. If you leave feedback I will be sure to have post around answering it for you.

The sign up was easy. I decided to go with the lowest tier of service which of course was amazing in comparison to old the faithful XP living off fumes. I recently had a GoDaddy account because they allowed for monthly payments and found that feature as well with this service. After going through a simple pay process I was in the cpanel dashboard literally in a few minutes. From there I decided to not use the awesome built in site builder and to just go with the flow and start a wordpress site.

SSL Certification

I’ve had plenty of SSL experience in the past because it’s basically the only way you can run an online store now-a-days. That green lock by your domain name is literally vital now or google will call you out for no having a certificate. SO in order to build trust and not look like a hacker you must get and SSL cert attached to your domain name. They offer a premium domain SSL for around $99 at or purchase a tier of service that has is packaged in. I personally used. SSLFORFREE and did it myself. Ofcourse you could just send a ticket to customer support and they will do all of this for you for free.

WordPress Installation

This is by far the easiest part. Softaculous literally makes this a few clicks. Accessing it from the bottom of the control panel you literally just fill in the information and click the next button then all of sudden you have a fully functional wordpress site to do anything with! I of course use it to sell graphic design, drop ship and promote my music but the sky’s the limit! Feel free to sign up using my link here and get started today! Plus we offer graphic design service to help get you started along you journey!


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