Truth Trill Starts New Project!

Truth Trill in the house and I’ve begun work on my next ALBUM!

Not just that I’ll be here online making tutorials and putting you all up on game so you can get you hustle on too! I’m going to make this site a resource for all passive income or hustlers trying to get out of the rat race. My next album is being planned now so i’m looking for artist, illustrators, animators, producers and all of the ablove for a nice project we can all benefit from. If interest send me an email to and tell me what your good at and how we can trade or exchange services!

Let’s all pull together do some collabs and come up! I’m trying to sing new artist and I haven’t felt this hype in a long time! If you got music or make beats submit to my email and well work together and I’ll help promote you and the alliance will get even stronger. If you had any doubts about us keep watching how we move and keep ya eye out for CDMG!

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